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Best Web Hosting for Small Business (2023) | Best WordPress Hosting Recommendation for Beginners

by Stewart Gauld
Last updated on February 9th, 2023
Best Web Hosting for Small Business

Creating a website for your small business requires a web hosting provider. It is essentially renting or purchasing space on the internet for your website.

Given the wide spectrum of web hosting plans and providers, we have covered a brief overview of the best web hosting for small businesses i.e., HostPapa. This beginner’s guide especially addresses hosting needs for a WordPress website.

HostPapa: Best WordPress Hosting Provider

Let’s begin:



Get started with Hostpapa for FREE here

 *The link above is an affiliate link, which means we will get a commission if you upgrade to a paid plan (with no extra cost to you). This helps support our education-based website and we thank you in advance!

When we talk about the best web hosting services, HostPapa stands out from the rest in terms three important areas for small business, this includes website speed, exceptional 24/7 live chat support, and affordability.

Let’s go over them one by one

• Speed: Is crucial for ranking your website higher on Google and other search engines. Moreover, it keeps the bounce rate pretty low and HostPapa ensures this.

• Live Chat Support: If you ever face any issue with your website, you can just log in to your HostPapa account and instantly start chatting with a support team. Based on our experience, there is no issue that HostPapa’s support team cannot resolve. This is a must-have feature for beginners out there who often encounter issues that they cannot solve on their own.

• Affordability: HostPapa offers pocket-friendly hosting plans for small and local businesses. We recommend choosing their “business” plan at just $3.95 per month (the figure may vary based on the country you are in. Some of the features under this plan include unlimited websites, free domain registration (or free domain transfer from another provider), free SSL certificate, unlimited SSD webspace, unlimited email address, and unmetered bandwidth.

SSL certificate is vital for protecting your website and HostPapa provides this for free. It will show a little lock icon before the URL indicating to your visitors that the website is safe to navigate.

On the other hand, unmetered bandwidth basically means there is no limit to the number of people who can visit your website. With HostPapa, you can upload unlimited content on your website without worrying about bandwidth and space.

There are dozens of other features offered by HostPapa that make web hosting for small businesses secure, fast, and reliable.

By purchasing the plan through this affiliate link, you will receive a discount for which we get a small commission. The funds are directed at creating more educational content for our readers.

Alternatively, you can head over to their website if you decide not to purchase the best WordPress hosting service from our affiliate link.

How to Go Through with the Purchase

How to Purchase

How to Purchase

The first step you need to take is to click on “Get Started”. In the next step, choose your billing term. You can go for 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months. It is completely up to you.

Apart from that, we recommend that beginners should keep the following options selected

Protection Power Website Security: By keeping this in your website essentials checklist, you would never have to worry about cyber threats ever again.

Automated Website Backup: Achieve peace of mind by never losing your website data in case something goes wrong.
In the third step, you have to choose a domain name for your small business website. If you already own a domain name, you can just transfer it to HostPapa. Alternatively, you can also update your nameservers so that your domain points to HostPapa.

Beginners should know that they don’t need to have their domain and hosting at the same place. In the following step, you have to add your account details for purchasing web hosting through HostPapa.

All you have to do now is place your order

Congratulations! You now have a new hosting provider and plan for your existing or new small business website.

You can now login to your HostPapa account and open the dashboard. There you can see all the domains that you own, services that you have with HostPapa, billing information, and more.

If you have your website or domain name hosted somewhere else, you can start a new chat with the support team. They will sort everything out for you!

Benefits of Web Hosting for Small Businesses

Choosing the best web hosting provider gives you numerous benefits including:

Technical Assistance: As beginners, you may not possess the necessary technical knowledge such as good security measures required to keep your online business up and running. HostPapa will back up your files and ensure that your site is live. They implement good security measures so that your website doesn’t get hacked. And if it does, you will be back online in no time.

Branded Email Address: With HostPapa, small businesses get enterprise-grade hosted email plans. This way your business looks professional and legit in the eyes of your prospects and consumers.

Smooth and Professional Website: Compared to free WordPress accounts, hosted websites look attractive, seamless, and professional. Besides this, you can optimize and customize your small business website according to your needs and preferences.

Data Management: With professional web hosting for small businesses, you get complete control over data management.

Features of a Beginner-Friendly WordPress Hosting Company



Web hosting is a challenging concept for beginners. You may have come across confusing terms such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, and managed hosting. Basically, hosting means “storing a website on a server”.

Still not decided on what web hosting to choose? Digital.com can walk you through another guide and give you tips on how to choose the best web hosting provider fit for your needs. They offer an array of guides wherein we review different products, services, and software to help people who are looking to start their own online businesses.

The main factors you will want to look for include speed, support, cost, security, and scalability. The order of the importance of these factors will vary from person to person.

Read more at digital.com/best-web-hosting/how-to-choose-a-web-hosting-provider.

Features of a beginner-friendly WordPress hosting provider include

• Hassle-free WordPress installation process.
• Access to website building tools and free themes.
• No coding experience should be necessary.
• User-friendly interface.
• Easy-to-manage billing information.
• A clear control panel.
• Access to useful tutorials and valuable resources.
• 24/7 customer services availability.
• Extra promotional tools such as discounted SEO or free Google Ads credit.

As a beginner, the above features of high quality web hosting services can give you a considerable advantage over other small business website.

With your web hosting taken care of, you can concentrate on the growth of your business. You can do what you do best – improving your product or service and reaching more customers!

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Best WordPress Hosting for Small Business (Video Tutorial)

Disclosure: Some of these links on this page are affiliate links, meaning we will get a commission if you buy through them, this helps support our education-based platform and we thank you in advance.

We also have a video library that is full of tutorials for beginners looking to get started with building there own website here:

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