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Top 5 Free CRM Software for Small Business | Best CRM Software

by Stewart Gauld
Last updated on February 17th, 2023
TOP 5 FREE CRM Software for Small Business

For effective day-to-day management of customers and the long-term success of small businesses, choosing the best CRM software is a must.

Not just management of customers, but also freeing up time to work on revenue related tasks, CRM software is often, mistakenly, not part of many small businesses.

This worthwhile investment will result in satisfied customers and happy employees which is a leading goal in every business.

In this guide, you will find five excellent CRM tools that offer free comprehensive plans.

These tailored solutions for small teams are ideal for growing your business online and managing your clients/customers.

Best 5 Free CRM Software

Here are our best 5 CRM software for small business:

1. HubSpot CRM

Getting started with Hubspot

Hubspot CRM

Get started with Hubspot for FREE here

 *The link above is an affiliate link, which means we will get a commission if you upgrade to a paid plan (with no extra cost to you). This helps support our education-based website and we thank you in advance!

This is the number one choice on our list of best CRM for small businesses.

You can manage unlimited users on this platform for free, making it a leading sales CRM tool.

Moreover, HubSpot CRM does not put a cap on data usage. You can capture a million contacts with it.

Apart from that, the user interface is quite easy to navigate and understand making it ideal for employees who may not be too tech-savvy.

Creating landing pages on HubSpot is very simple, thanks to HubSpot’s powerful yet easy-to-use landing page builder.

Any number of prospects who visit your landing page can leave their contact information such as their first name and email and other important information through your Landing pages.

Moreover, your email marketing efforts will get a considerable boost since HubSpot supports a generous 2000 email campaign send limit per month.

Check out our Complete HubSpot CRM tutorial for beginners to help you get started with HubSpot.

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2. Zoho CRM

screenshot of zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Get started with Zoho for FREE here

Next on our list of best free CRM is the Zoho CRM. This CRM is ideal for teams with less than or equal to three members. The upside is that you get a full-feature, free version of their flagship CRM platform.

Armed with an attractive yet simple layout, Zoho also consists of a customizable dashboard. Beginners will especially find its “create deal” feature quite easy and promising. If you’re looking for a smooth sales pipeline UI (user interface), Zoho takes the center stage.

Additionally, you will experience that your sales process and follow-up activities are incredibly easy to manage on this platform.

However, you will have to upgrade your plan to leverage the extensive email marketing functions.

Check out our Complete Zoho CRM tutorial to help you get started with the Zoho CRM.

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3. Streak CRM

Streak CRM

Streak CRM

Get started with Streak for FREE here

This unique CRM is built for Gmail.

If your business uses a free Gmail account or Google workspace account, then it’s the best CRM software for you. All you need to do is download and enable the extension in your go-to browser after which Streak CRM will be integrated into your Gmail inbox.

Compared to Zoho and HubSpot, this is a simple and streamlined tool. It includes key CRM features such as custom fields & columns, tasks & reminders, and email tracking!

Moreover, you can effortlessly customize your pipeline layout on this innovative platform.

For instance, you can set up anything from a hiring pipeline to a project management and sales pipeline. When it comes to the flow of data and organization, Streak CRM works wonderfully since everything is integrated with Gmail.

However, this leading CRM for small businesses has a downside. In the free plan, only one user can access this platform.

Hence, if your team has more members, you would need to upgrade to a paid plan depending on your organizational requirements.

Check out our Complete Streak tutorial for beginners to help you get started with the Streak CRM.

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4. Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 CRM

Next to HubSpot, this is one of the most popular free CRM tools for small businesses. With its free version, up to 12 users can access this platform!

It means that you can leverage many of the basic features of the Bitrix24 CRM and work with a comparatively larger team.

Apart from that, Bitrix24 has one of the most attractive and modern user interfaces out there.

Bitrix24 can also be used as a project management software thereby giving you a place to manage both customer and projects.

The downside of this CRM software is that beginners may find it confusing and daunting.

It is best used by people with prior experience with CRM activities.

Check out our Bitrix24 tutorial for beginners to help you get started with the Streak CRM.

5. Monday.com CRM

Monday.com CRM

Monday.com CRM

Get started with Monday for FREE here

Monday now offers a FREE PLAN!

It’s definitely worth mentioning in our list of best CRM for small businesses because of its ease of use, multi-features, cross-platform integrations and more.

You get its full-featured version at just $8 a month per user or the free plan that is limited to two users.

Not just that, its elegant UI stands out from other tools discussed above.

Monday.com CRM has easy-to-navigate and visually pleasing pipeline management.

The free plan is ideal for those looking to get started with a visually pleasing CRM that also has a strong focus on day to day project management capabilities.

Check out our complete Monday tutorial for beginners to help you get started with the Monday CRM.

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Ready To Learn More About Our Top 5 Free CRM Software for Small Businesses? (Video Tutorial)

If you are a small business owner that does not want to invest in a paid CRM, here is the list of our top FREE CRM Software explained in a short video.

Check out our CRM video overview below.

We also have a video library that is full of tutorials for beginners looking to get started with each of these CRM’s here:

YouTube video

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