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Top 5 Team Communication Software for Small Business

by stewart
Top 5 Team Communication Software for Small Business | Stewart Gauld

Why Communication tools are VITAL

The modern workspace is evolving.

Employees can now work remotely with all the technology available today.

Maintaining team communication and synergy has never been more complex in history due to all the dynamic and changing teamwork environments.

This is the reason why team communication software has become an integral part of the business world.

But with an influx of several powerful communication tools out there, choosing one that best works for your company and your location-dependent or remote teams is difficult.


5 Team Communication Software for Small Business

In this brief guide, we introduce you to a list of the best communication software (in our opinion).

By using any of the following team communication software, you can foster a collaborative environment in your organization, strengthen employee engagement, and streamline day-to-day communication.

Let’s begin with our first option:


1.      Slack

First, on our list of best business communication software, we have Slack.

This Salesforce-owned communication platform offers a free plan, which is ideal for small businesses looking to make a shift from messy emails to more organized and categorized chat groups called channels.

Slack allows you to create a workspace and manage multiple channels, projects, or departments. Sending messages privately to your team members is also possible with Slack.

This team communication software also integrates flawlessly with other productivity and collaboration platforms, such as Google Drive, Trello, Zoom, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Jira Cloud, and more.

The best part is – Slack is free to use.

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2.      Google Workspace

When talking about the best team chat software, one cannot miss Google Workspace.

Formally called G Suite, Google Workspace is an all-in-one productivity platform that gives you access to dozens of powerful collaboration and productivity tools.

In terms of its communication capabilities, you can not only interact via Gmail but also create dedicated groups called ‘spaces’ for communication.

In these spaces, you can engage with team members, share files, assign tasks or projects.

Google Workspace is ideal for all types and sizes of organizations looking to leverage productivity and collaboration tools all in one place.

You can get started with the most affordable plan of $6 per user, per month.

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3.      Asana

Third, on our list of best chat software for business is Asana.

It’s one of our favorite project management tools that offer an internal chat messaging feature.

If you’re looking to optimize both communication and workflows, Asana is for you.

Your team can get started with Asana completely for free.

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4.      Basecamp

One of the leading team communication softwares out there, Basecamp is ideal for managing projects and communication with your clients and internal teams.

It’s easy-to-use and is broken down into HQ (Headquarters), teams, and projects.

When it comes to communication capabilities, you can engage through a message board (for pushing updates), automatic check-ins (for asking questions and ensuring everyone’s on the same page).

You also have access to a real-time group chat called Campfire.

Basecamp is also available for free.

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5.      Wrike

Last on our list of best communication software is Wrike project management.

It’s a free task management solution that allows for smooth, live communication – mostly comments and mentions.

Wrike is a great option for teams that only need basic team communication software.

It’s an ideal platform for businesses that need a complete task management tool with basic yet effective communication features.


Final Thoughts (Video Guide)

Many business activities have evolved due to the global pandemic and team communication is one of them.

Businesses need to pivot in order to accommodate the needs of both remote and office teams.

The top five team communication software discussed in this guide will help you streamline your business communication.

Check out our complete video guide below to help you identify the best business communication software for your business.

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