Our simple focus is on small business education

Our simple focus is on small business education. We believe in educating and equipping small business owners with the tools, skills and knowledge to help them thrive in their digital environment.


Exclusive small business community

We have recently created this exclusive chat group, a community of small business owners wanting to take their local or small business to the next level by leveraging skills, knowledge and tools to grow their business online and into the future. The purpose of this affordable private chat group is to simply coach, consult, educate and answer your questions that revolve around your specific business struggles and goals. We want to help you successfully transform your small business so that you can thrive in a digital environment. Rather than expensive one-on-one consulting services and coaching, we have put together an intimate small business support group aimed at providing as much personalised value as possible to help your business thrive online for only $5 per month.
Stewart Gauld Small Business Education

Per month.

Membership plan


Stewart gauld
  • Ask personalised questions.
  • Ask for advice and support.
  • Share your challenges and obstacles.
  • Discuss with like-minded small business owners.
  • Learn important strategies, tools and skills.
  • Chat-based & multi-media consulting.
  • Cancel at anytime.