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Small Business Secrets to Creating Highly Profitable Facebook Ads

by Stewart Gauld
Last updated on January 19th, 2023
Creating Highly Profitable Facebook Ads

Creating Highly Profitable Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads in 2020.

Facebook Ads are changing the way small and local business interact, connect and sell to their audiences. Facebook continues to release new updates and tools that have a huge impact on the way Facebook Ads function.

In this Facebook Ads breakdown, we show you how to make the most of these Facebook updates and tools. We also share with you effective tools that you can take advantage of in order to get the most out of Facebook Ads in 2020.

How to Create Highly Profitable Facebook Ads

  • Facebook Ads Library, with Facebook you can actually spy (ethically) on your competitors Facebook Ads and identify which of their ads are performing well. This is because Facebook is now required to be as transparent as possible. After identifying the highest performing ads (based on how long they have been active for) you can then create a Facebook ad that is better than your competition.
  • Dynamic Creative, This new feature within Facebook ads allows you to simply turn on dynamic creative while creating your ads under ‘Ad Sets’. What Facebook will then do is create combinations of your ad media and text to test which ad is more effective. This means you no longer have to create and test dozens of Ads yourself, just plug in your content and away you go!
  • Audience Insights & Engaged Audiences, Audience insights has been around for some time now, however, this tool is being underutilised by small businesses. This allows you to identify and create your most ideal audience to target. One important audience selection to include when creating your target audience is called Engaged Shoppers’. This audience behaviour selection lets you target those that are most likely to click your call to action button and buy from you.
  • Creating Engaging Content, The last thing you need to consider when creating your Facebook Ads, is your media content (images or videos). In order for your Ad to be inviting for your targeted audience to click on, you must have compelling, attractive and resonating images or videos. You can use Canva to simply create amazing images for your Ads or Invideo to easily create your own video ads. Each of these tools requires little to no experience as you can build your ads from pre-made Ad templates. Click the buttons below to get started with each Facebook Ad design tool. 

Create Facebook Ad Images Create Facebook Ad Videos

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