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Is Google Sites Good for SEO? Pros & Cons for Google Sites SEO

by Stewart Gauld
Last updated on October 22nd, 2023
Is Google Sites Google for SEO: Pros & Cons Unveiled

Is Google Sites Google for SEO?

Engaging in SEO (search engine optimization) activities in 2023 is crucial for brands that want to boost visibility online and drive traffic to their website.

And if you want to leverage SEO to grow your brand exponentially, many incredible website-building platforms out there can help.

Google Sites For SEO

It’s no secret that Google Sites isn’t the first tool that springs to mind for SEO functionality.

However! Did you know there are ways you can use Google Sites for SEO to rank higher on search engines like Google?

Have I caught your attention yet?

Find out more about how you can get your Google Sites website discovered on Google below!

Google Sites Pros and Cons for SEO

What is Google Sites_

Okay, so now that we know you can use Google Sites for SEO, let’s check out the pros and cons.


  • You can seamlessly integrate your site with other Google tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to help track and optimize your website’s performance.
  • Google Sites has some basic free SEO features (mentioned above in the video tutorial)
  • All website themes and templates are mobile-responsive (which can positively affect search rankings).


  • Google Sites has limited design and customization options compared to other website builders or CMS platforms (like WordPress).
  • It lacks advanced SEO functionalities that are available on other website builders or dedicated CMS platforms.
  • You have limited control over meta tags, headers, and URL structure.
  • Many small businesses find it challenging to find their website in Google searches because of their low ranking.

Who Is Google Sites Best For?

Who Is Google Sites Best For_

If you’re a local business and already use Google Workspace, Google Business Profile, and their range of productivity and communication apps and require a simple one-page website, Google Sites is an excellent choice!

I’d recommend Google Sites for cafes, hairdressers, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, etc., or other local businesses that rely on people physically coming to your business.

Selling products to your Google Sites website is possible, but you’ll have to use third-party tools.

It’s important to note that Google Sites is a basic website builder tool with limited features compared with other website builders, including constrained templates, themes, and page-building elements.

But if you’re after a standalone landing page for your small business, Google Sites is for you.

Plus, it’s free

Stews Final Thoughts

As you can see, Using Google Sites for Google SEO is possible.

Google Sites is an excellent choice if you’re not planning to rely heavily on SEO to grow your brand.

If you’re a local business that relies on local customers, I’d use Google Sites in conjunction with Google Business Profile.

And if you’re after a more robust website and SEO-friendly website builder option, maybe check out WordPress or Wix.

I hope that this article has been helpful. Let me know what you think below.

Have you used Google Sites for SEO? What did you think?

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