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How To Make Business Cards | Best Business Card Maker

by stewart
Last updated on January 25th, 2023
How To Make Business Cards | Best Business Card Maker - Stewart Gauld

We are all familiar with the importance for small businesses to transition online.

However, when it comes to networking, small business owners are EXPECTED to have a professional, physical business card.

Undoubtedly, it helps you leave a strong first impression when you’re handing over the business card to a potential client.

For this guide, we’re going to use a free all-in-one design tool called Canva.

Canva has a simple-to-use interface and a ton of professionally made templates to make designing anything a breeze!

Make Professional Business Cards with Canva!

In this Canva tutorial for beginners, we’re going to share how to make business cards quickly and easily without needing any previous design experience.

Let’s go ahead and dive into Canva!

Step 1: Get Started with Canva

Get Started with Canva

Get started with Canva for FREE here 

*The link above is an affiliate link, which means we will get a commission if you upgrade to a paid plan (with no extra cost to you). This helps support our education-based website and we thank you in advance!

First things first – visit the official website of Canva. If you don’t already have an account, you’d need to sign up.

Click ‘Start your free Pro trial’ to begin your 30-day free trial.

Alternatively, click on ‘Get Canva Free’.

When you feel the need to access paid photos and media, you can always upgrade your plan.

Once you complete the sign-up, you’ll be taken to the Canva dashboard.

Let’s learn how to design business cards!

Step 2: Select a Business Card Template

Select a Business Card Template Before you proceed with business card design, you’ll need to pick a template first.

To do that:

  • Head over to the search bar and type ‘business cards’
  • Scroll through over 3500 premade business card templates to find the one you like the look of. Alternatively, you may create a blank business card (refer to the screengrab). We always recommend that beginners stick with a template and customize it first before building from scratch.

See the screengrab and notice that we have ‘Templates’ selected on the left-hand side.

Again, in the search bar next to it, you can search for specific templates to replace the existing ones.

Say your brand’s theme is orange and you need a business card template that represents your brand and its theme.

All you need to do is type ‘orange’ in the search bar and that’s going to generate dozens of templates with an orange theme.

Since you’re attempting a business card design, the chosen template should have two pages for the front and the backside.

If you notice the ‘pro’ icon, it means you need a premium plan to use this template (remember you get a free trial! Utilize it!).

Step 3: Customize Templates

Customize Template in canva Each element that you see on the front and backside of your business card can be customized.

For example, you can select the topmost text element, and replace the original text with your business’s name (refer to the screengrab).

By dragging the corners, you can also change the size of the text element.

Up above, notice the formatting options to further modify your text.

Similarly, you can customize other text elements too. These elements can also be moved anywhere within the template.

Step 4: Add Business Info

Add Business Info A typical business card should have a logo, company name, your name, job title, website, and contact details (email, phone & address).

You may also add social media icons (in the online, clickable format, of course).

You will have no problem adding your name, phone number, and website to your business card.

To add your email address, however, you need to have the email icon first.

To do that:

  • Click on ‘Elements’ and type in ‘email’ in the search bar next to it.
  • Select an icon that you like and choose an appropriate color to match your theme. You’ll find colors right next to the search bar on the Canva dashboard.

If you find it difficult to resize an element, just zoom in on the template (see bottom) and make the necessary changes.

Step 5: Add Elements in Your Business Card

Add Elements in Your Business Card For this Canva tutorial, we’ll also add a line element.

To do that:

  • Click on the phone number element
  • Hold Shift and select the line element below it
  • Press right-click and select ‘Copy’
  • Next to the email icon, press right-click and select ‘Paste’
  • Drag the elements to their rightful position
  • In the copied element, delete the phone number and paste your email address

You may highlight all the elements to group them together.

Now, drag the corners of the entire box to resize all the elements at once.

Of course, you can also change the box’s position by simply dragging and dropping it to a different area of your template.

Add Your Business Logo It’s time to add a logo in this Canva tutorial for beginners.

For that, you need to:

  • Click on ‘Uploads’ on the left-hand side menu
  • Select ‘Upload media’ to upload your logo
  • Click ‘Open’
  • Drag-and-drop to place the logo on the business card template
  • Resize the logo if needed

If you currently don’t have a business logo, watch this tutorial on how to create one completely for free using Canva.

Read More: Canva Free Logo Maker

Step 7: Add Social Media Elements

Add Social Media Elements

Move your text elements a bit above to make room for social media elements.

To add social media elements:

  • Keep ‘Elements’ selected and type in ‘Facebook’
  • Select a Facebook icon which is in blue color

In the formatting options above, notice two colors of the icon – blue and white.

We want to change the blue color to orange. Under ‘Document Colors’, select orange.

However, if you do not find the color you’re looking for:

  • Navigate over to the text element
  • Click on color (the ‘A’ symbol at the top).
  • Under ‘Document Colors’, click on the ‘+’ icon this time.
  • Copy the color code: Right-click > Copy
  • Select the Facebook icon
  • Under ‘Document Colors’, click on the ‘+’ icon again
  • Paste the color code you just copied

Your Facebook icon is now orange instead of blue.

Resize it and place it at the bottom left of your business card. Go ahead and do the same for Twitter and LinkedIn.

Step 8: Add or Change Image

Add or Change Image To change the default image on the template:

  • Click on ‘Photos’ and type in your keyword in the search bar
  • Select an image, drag-and-drop it to the area where the default image is

The new image has been successfully added. Moreover, you can undo/redo any change from the upper-left corner.

Before we go ahead and download or print our business card, we need to customize its backside too.

Get rid of the existing elements and upload your logo instead.

Step 9: Download and/or Print Your Business Card

Download and/or Print Your Business Card Navigate over to download (the downward arrow in the upper-right corner).

Go ahead and download your business card to get feedback from others. After incorporating the changes (if any), click ‘Print Business Cards’ in the upper-right corner.

Ensure you have ‘Double sided’, the number of pages (2), printing options, and the quantity selected.

Now, make sure all elements are away from the danger zone (refer to the screengrab), which otherwise might get cut off.

Click ‘Continue’ and select ‘Continue’ again.

Next, add your shipping details and choose the best delivery option for you. Hit ‘Continue’.

We hope by now you have a clear idea of how to make business cards.

This wraps up our Canva tutorial for creating professional business cards.

How to make business cards (Video Tutorial)

If you are a complete beginner, the video tutorial below will guide you through this process with a detailed explanation of creating and designing your own business cards with Canva.

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