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What Is ZoomInfo? Your Complete Guide

by Stewart Gauld
Last updated on August 1st, 2023
What Is ZoomInfo? Your Complete Guide

Are you unsure what ZoomInfo is? Maybe you have heard conflicting information? Or are you curious and want to know more about ZoomInfo?

Whatever the reason is that brought you here, we have the answers for you!

What is ZoomInfo

Finding out what ZoomInfo is can be tricky. If you head online for some guidance, you’re met with page after page of confusing and conflicting information.

Well, that is where we come in to save the day!

Keep reading for your complete guide to ZoomInfo!

I have everything you need to know, including what it is, if there are free trials and more! 

What Is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo homepage

ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence platform.

Previously called DiscoverOrg, ZoomInfo essentially helps sales and marketing teams gather contact information of potential customers.

When companies look to buy business leads, they often use ZoomInfo.

Why? You can get people’s work emails and phone numbers! These numbers can help companies contact remote workers to build new leads and potential customers.

Now, ZoomInfo doesn’t only allow you to gather data!

Many other features allow you to engage with potential customers, organize data, and more!

It can eventually become a one-stop shop for everything you need! It is considered one of their best sales outreach tools that you can use as part of your stack.

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ZoomInfo Latest Update

ZoomInfo AI

ZoomInfo has had a recent update which now includes an integration of GPT into its platform.

This generative AI technology is built into the platform to help you identify surging contacts that are likely to help your business.

These could be potential sales customers or potential hires for upcoming roles.

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What Isn’t ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is not to be confused with Zoom, the video conference platform that has surged in popularity in recent years!

Who Is ZoomInfo For?

Who is ZoomInfo for_

ZoomInfo is designed for sales and marketing teams who do outbound sales.

For teams who need high-quality contact data, ZoomInfo is for them! ZoomInfo is great for companies who have an idea about their customer and can predict to some degree their outbound sales motion.

Startups, small companies, and even Fortune 500 companies use ZoomInfo!

ZoomInfo is more based on your market strategy rather than your company type. ZoomInfo has its solutions broken down into four categories to help you understand how its products can fit into the roles and responsibilities of your organization.

These include:

  1. Sales OS
  2. Marketing OS
  3. Operations OS
  4. Talent OS

Let’s take a closer look at all of these roles and how ZoomInfo can help you now!

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Sales Teams

The data on ZoomInfo can be used for cold emails and cold calling. Their intent data also helps sales teams find prospects that can turn into customers!

ZoomInfo also offers a product, ZoomInfo Engage which can help with your outreach to potential customers.

There is also a website chat product, a less advanced version of LiveChat. What also stands out for sales teams is Chorus, their product that is a fantastic alternative to Gong.

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Marketing Teams

The company and contact search is perfect for Marketing Teams. You can create targeted advertisements with the display search features.

You can use these across social media channels with ease.

The website chat, website form enrichment, and website visitor tracking are also useful for marketing teams.

They can identify who is on their site and provide an opportunity to respond quickly to leads at the top of the funnel.

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Operations Teams

For operations teams, ZoomInfo offers APIs and webhooks, and data services that help operation teams work smoothly.

They can enjoy a clean CRM with up-to-date company information and contact information thanks to ZoomInfo!

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Talent Teams

Talent Teams can use ZoomInfo to access company and contact information when looking for potential job candidates.

ZoomInfo offers a large database of contacts that can be filtered by company and job title, helping you to recruit new employees.

What Are ZoomInfo’s Products?

ZoomInfo products

Zoom offers the following products:

  • Company Data – 105M+ companies
  • Contact Data – 130M contacts
  • Enrichment – ZoomInfo Enrich
  • Digital Advertising – Targeted Audiences
  • Data And Orchestration Management – RingLead
  • Conversational Marketing – ZoomInfo Chat
  • Pipeline Forecasting – Chorus Momentum
  • Sales Engagement – ZoomInfo Engage
  • Conversation Intelligence – Chorus.ai
  • Intent Data – ZoomInfo Intent and Streaming Intent 

What Is ZoomInfo Data Like?

ZoomInfo has the following data for you to access:

ZoomInfo Phone Numbers

  • 32.4M+ Mobile Phone Numbers
  • 63M+ Direct Dials 

ZoomInfo Emails

  • 150M+ Email Addresses

Companies And Contacts

  • 3M+ C-Level Contact Profiles
  • 140M+ Contact Profiles
  • 9K+ Unique Company Attributes
  • 105M+ Companies

ZoomInfo Intent Data

  • 101M+ IPs
  • 3.5M+ Intent Data Signals

ZoomInfo Technographic Data

  • 8.5K+ Technology Vendors Profiled
  • 31K+ Individual Technologies Profiled 

Does ZoomInfo Have A Free Trial?

Yes, ZoomInfo has a free trial!

You can try ZoomInfo for fourteen days for free. After this time you will be charged for the services unless you cancel your subscription.

What Makes ZoomInfo Different?

What makes ZoomInfo different_

ZoomInfo is different from its competitors thanks to the quality of its data, the sheer amount of company and contact data they have, and its product consolidation.

You can easily filter through the information to find what you need and focus on attracting customers and building sales. 

How Does ZoomInfo Get Their Data?

ZoomInfo gets its data from people who use their Chrome extension. They acquire the signature details from the inbox of users.

ZoomInfo also uses other methods to gather data. These include buying and scrubbing leads, using a mixture of humans and technology to verify company and contact data. ZoomInfo has 300 human researchers in its data training lab.

Their work helps to collect 100mm contact records daily! They also monitor over 45M web domains daily to find more contacts for your company to use.

What Is ZoomInfo Pricing?

ZoomInfo Pricing July 2023

ZoomInfo has a few pricing tiers you can choose from. The more you spend, the more you get.

They offer the following tiers:

  • Professional
  • Advanced
  • Elite
  • Starter

The starter is the cheapest option, with Elite being the most expensive.

All of the plans can be paid annually, with the cost varying slightly. For an accurate and up-to-date price, be sure to contact ZoomInfo directly.

How affordable ZoomInfo is varies on your business and how much you have to spend.

For smaller businesses or start-ups, it can be a large cost to finance, especially the more expensive tiers.

For these, it is worth starting with the Starter package, and moving on to more expensive packages as your business grows.

When working out if ZoomInfo is a good choice financially for your business, consider how much you will gain in return if you can turn the contact data into sales! 

What Is ZoomInfo’s Top Competitor And Alternative?

Cogism and UpLead are the most popular competitors and alternatives to ZoomInfo.

These are both sales intelligence platforms that help their customers access data that can be turned into sales.

Stews Final Thoughts

And there you have it, your complete guide to ZoomInfo!

ZoomInfo will provide you with access to data that can help you generate sales, boost your business, and even find potential hires for your new roles!

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