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How To Post A Job On Linkedin For Free In 5 Easy Steps

by Stewart Gauld
Last updated on February 14th, 2023
How To Post A Job On Linkedin For Free In 5 Easy Steps

In this LinkedIn job posting guide, we’ll show you how to post a job on LinkedIn for FREE so you can be sure to hire the right person for your job role and your small business!

Are you a small business owner needing to hire a new employee, but don’t know what platform you should be advertising the role on to receive high-quality candidates?

There are many online job posting website options online, which can be overwhelming for small businesses.

Additionally, when hiring for your small business, it is key that your job post attracts high-quality applicants to ensure you hire the right person to fit both the role and your team.

In the long run, this will ultimately save you time, money and resources.

With all this said, we believe LinkedIn is the perfect place to advertise for your job roles!

Let’s get stuck in and find out how to post a job in LinkedIn.

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How to Post a Job on LinkedIn For Free?

In this LinkedIn tutorial, we are going to dive deep into the popular online platform to show you how to post a job on your LinkedIn company page to attract the perfect person for your job role, all for free!


What is LinkedIn?

You may have already heard of Linkedin as a leading social media, networking and career development platform for business professionals.

LinkedIn currently dominates the online world, with more than 850 million users in over 200 countries!

Created with the intention of connecting and communicating with like-minded professionals within the business community, LinkedIn is an ideal platform for small businesses to both grow and succeed online.

However, did you know that you can also use LinkedIn as a job posting and hiring platform?

LinkedIn is the best place for you to hire the right individual for your small business through their easy-to-use job posting feature.

Let’s get started with this  LinkedIn job posting tutorial and show you the simple process of how you can post a job on your LinkedIn company page within minutes, all for free!


1. Getting Started With The LinkedIn Job Posting Feature

Getting started with the LinkedIn Job posting feature

The first step you’ll need to take in order to post a job on LinkedIn is to sign into your LinkedIn profile.

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, you’ll need to create one.

Don’t worry!

LinkedIn walks you through every step of the sign-up process.

Click here to get started with LinkedIn for free!


2. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn jobs

 Once you’ve signed up, signed in, and arrived inside your LinkedIn profile:

  • Click ‘Jobs’ at the top header of the page (see screengrab).

This is where you can search for specific jobs you want to apply for.

However, for the purpose of this tutorial, we are focusing on how to post a job on Linkedin for free to grab the attention of the right type of people for the job.

In other words, we will show you how to post a job for your small business on LinkedIn, as well as how to actually get applicants that are going to be the right fit for your organization!

Firstly, we’ll show you how to access and manage your new and existing job posts (as well as all the applications you’ve received):

  • Click on ‘Me’ in the top right-hand corner.

This is your LinkedIn profile.

  • Select ‘Job posting account’ from the drop down menu.


3. How to Post a Job in LinkedIn For Free

How to post a job in LinkedIn for free

Now we’ll show you how to create an post a free job on LinkedIn:

  • Click ‘Post a free job’ over on the left-hand sidebar.


This brings up a pop-up window where you can add basic details about your job opportunity.

  • Under ‘Job title’ just add your job title.

For the purpose of this LinkedIn job posting guide, we’re going to hire a WordPress developer.

Now it’s important to note that if you don’t have a LinkedIn company page (this is different from your Linkedin profile), you’ll need to create one before you’re able to start posting jobs for your business.

Check out our beginner’s tutorial on how to create a LinkedIn company page here.

Once you’ve created your company page:

  • Below ‘Company’ type in your company name.


  • This should automatically bring up your company page.

For ex: ‘Syndeo Media’, Here is our company page that we created earlier (see screengrab).

We are going to hire our WordPress developer for this company for the purpose of this how-to post a job in the LinkedIn guide.

  • Below ‘Workplace type’, select the type of workplace type that suits your company and job role you’re wanting to post.


  • Choose either ‘On-site’, ‘Hybrid’ or ‘Remote’.

Our WordPress developer role is going to be a remote position, so we’ll click on ‘Remote’.

  • Click ‘Employee location’.

So this is where you need to think about where the employees that you want to hire.

Think about if you’re looking to hire someone from anywhere in the world, or are you needing to hire someone from a specific location, such as a specific country or state.

We’re going to type in ‘New Zealand’.


  • Click ‘Job type’ and choose the best job type for your job role.

Our job is going to be a part-time position, so we’re going to click that option for the purpose of this LinkedIn job posting tutorial.

As you can see, we’re going to hire a WordPress developer for the company ‘Syndeo media’, the position is remote and part-time and the employee needs to be in New Zealand for our role (see screengrab).

You can read our beginner tutorial on Ultimate WordPress tutorial for beginners.

So take the time to fill out what your job requires then continue with this how to post a job in linkedin tutorial.

Once you’ve completed these details specific to your job role and business:

  • Click ‘Get started for free’.


Next, you’ll need to add a high-quality description of your job role.

LinkedIn provides some useful tips you can easily follow to ensure your job role is more captivating and professional (see screengrab).

As you can see, we’ve now added a brief description of our job opportunity example (see screengrab).

Once you’ve created your job role description:

  • Head up to the top of your description to the basic formatting options.


  • From here you can personalize your description with some of these basic formatting options.



  • Scroll down below ‘Skills’.

This is where you’re able to add keywords related to what skills your candidates must have for this position.

To do this:

  • Click ‘Add skill’.


  • Type in that specific skill your candidate must have.

For example, we’re going to select ‘WordPress design’.

  • Scroll down to ‘How did you hear about LinkedIn jobs?’


  • Select the appropriate option for you (see screengrab).

We’re going to click ‘Online ad/search engine’.

Once you’ve completed these steps:

  • Click ‘Preview’ to preview your job.


  • Then click ‘Next’.


4. Attracting The Right Talent 

Attracting the right talent 

Have you ever been in a position where you’ve advertised for a role, and received many applicants but the majority of those applicants have no relevant experience or skills?

Well, we are going to show you how you can ensure you’re attracting qualified applicants for this job position only!

Follow the steps below to find out how:

  • Simply navigate up to ‘Application collection’.


  • Below ‘Receive applicants’ select the drop-down menu.


  • Choose how you want to receive your applicants (see screengrab).

We’re going to select ‘By email’ as we want to receive our qualified applicants via email for the purpose of this LinkedIn job posting tutorial.

  • Below ‘Email address’, type in the email address you want to use to receive applications for your job role.

What we mean by this, is say you had someone in HR that oversees and manages the hiring process.

You’d simply add their email address.

However,  since we’re just a small business and we don’t have an HR team, we’re going to manage these applications ourselves, so we’re going to add our own email.


Once you’ve added in the correct email address for your small business:

  • Scroll down to ‘Screening questions’.

This is where you should add at least three screening questions that your applicants must answer.

For example, here are our three default screening questions (see screengrab).

Beside each screening question, you can choose from the drop-down menu:

  • Your ideal answer (minimum).


  • If it is a ‘must-have’ qualification.

For the default question ‘How many years of work experience do you have with a specific skill?’:

  • Simply type in each skill that you want your application to have below each ‘Skill’ (see screengrab).

For us, we’re going to add ‘WordPress Development’ and then ‘Search Engine Optimization (SEO)’.

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Again, you can add an ‘ideal answer’ and select if it’s a ‘must-have’ qualification.

We’re going to add ‘Three years’ as an ideal answer to our ‘WordPress development skill’ and tick ‘Must-have’ (see screengrab).


If you want to add additional screening questions:

  • Navigate down the page to ‘Add screening questions’.


  • Simply select a keyword relating to the screening question you want to ask.

For example, let’s choose ‘Education’.

This will add ‘Have you completed the following level of education?’ to our screening questions.

Again for every screening question you add:

  • Choose your ‘Ideal answer’ from the drop-down menu.


  • Select if this is a ‘must-have’ qualification.

You can add as many screening questions as you like from down here depending on the job type or your business (see screengrab).

It is really up to you, your business and the type of job that you’re posting!


Once you’ve added your screening questions:

  • Come down to ‘Qualification setting’.


  • Tick ‘Filter out and send rejections to applicants who don’t meet any ‘must-have’ qualifications’.

This means you won’t have to waste any time looking at applications that you definitely won’t take to the next stage of the hiring process.

For our ad, this is the information that LinkedIn will send for our job type to any unsuccessful applicants (see screengrab).

  • Below this, click this drop-down (see screengrab) that will bring up two options.

Here you can select either:

  • ‘Yes, add the photo frame’.

By having a photo frame, Linkedin will notify your own network that you’re hiring, feature you on jobs and add your active jobs to your profile.

  • ‘No, do not add the photo frame’.

This means you won’t have a photo frame, however, LinkedIn will still notify your network that you’re hiring and feature you on jobs.

We’re going to select ‘No, do not add the photo frame’ for the purpose of this tutorial on how to post a job on LinkedIn for free.

You can choose either option, depending on your personal preference!

Again this is based on your personal preference.

Next, you can simply preview your job application before posting the job.

To do this:

  • Simply click ‘Preview ‘.

Once you’re happy with your job post, you’re ready to post your free job on Linkedin:

  • Click ‘Post job for free’ at the bottom of the page.


You’ll then see the option to promote your job listing here (see screengrab).

As this is a tutorial on how to post a job on LinkedIn for free, we’re not going to cover the ‘Promotion’ feature and just post our job for free.

To do this:

  • Click ‘Select free’.


  • Select ‘No thanks’.


  • You’re then able to tick or untick ’Add your profile to your job post’ if you like to simply add your profile to your job post.

Again, this option is completely based on your personal preference, however, we’re going to turn this off.


  • Tick ‘Suggest LinkedIn Skill assessments for applicants to take to stand out’.

We recommend keeping this ticked so you’ll receive high-quality applicants for your job position.

  • Click ‘Save’.
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5. How To Manage Your LinkedIn Job

How to manage your LinkedIn job

Once you’ve saved your new job listing, you’ll be redirected to your job information page (see screengrab).

This is where you can essentially manage everything to do with each job that you’ve listed.

Here you can:

  • Select ‘View applicants’ to simply view all applicants that have applied for your position.


  • Next to ‘View applicants’, click ‘Close job’ to close the job.


  • Click on the three dots next to ‘View applicants’.

This will then bring up more management options (see screengrab).

  • Click ‘Share in a post’ to share your job in a post on either your company page (or personal profile).


  • Select ‘Copy link’ to copy the link to your job.

You’re then able to share the link to your job across different channels and platforms.

By doing this, your job post will reach more potential applicants that may not have seen the job otherwise.

  • Below ‘Copy link’, click ‘View as candidate’ to see what the job looks like from the applicant’s perspective.


  • Click ‘Me’ up above to view your profile (see screengrab).


  • Come down and select ‘Job posting account’.


You’ll then be redirected to all the jobs that you’ve posted on LinkedIn.

For the purpose of this LinkedIn job posting tutorial, we’re going to click on the job we just created and posted.


  • That’s going to take you to that specific job’s information page (see screengrab).

 To customize your settings on your job post:

  • Make sure you have the correct job post selected.


  • Click ‘Settings’ next to ‘Job Info’.


  • Customize your job posts settings the way you like.

And that covers everything you need to know about how to post a job on LinkedIn for free for your small business.

We have now reached the end of this  LinkedIn job posting tutorial, where you should now be able to confidently post a job on Linkedin for free!

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How To Post a Job On LinkedIn For Free – Video Tutorial

That brings us to the end of this LinkedIn job posting tutorial.

LinkedIn’s job posting feature is truly the perfect platform for small businesses to advertise professional and captivating job posts.

With LinkedIn jobs, you’re able to reach a wider pool of high quality applicants and talent!

You should now be equipped with the skills and knowledge to successfully post a job on your LinkedIn company page!

However, if you have any hesitations or would prefer a visual approach to this process, feel free to click our video guide below where we also walk you through how to post a job on LinkedIn for free.


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